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ATM Scams

By Scam Awareness | February 20, 2018

When using an ATM, fraudsters might be watching and waiting to scam you. Here are some tips on how to stay safe:

Hidden Cameras: Pinhole cameras can be hidden in, around, or above an ATM. They are tracking the user's finger movements to determine their PIN number. This information can then be connected to payment data allowing scammers to access individual's bank accounts. You can block the view of the cameras by using your opposite hand to cover your fingers as you type in your PIN.  

Card Skimmers: Scammers can install card skimmers to read the metallic strip on the back of your card when it is inserted into the ATM. Be sure to wiggle the card reader to make sure it is securely fastened. Also, if the card reader is not flush to the ATM, there is a chance it has been modified by a scammer.

Fake Pin Pad: Cons have been known to add fake PIN pads on top of the existing pad to track the PIN numbers being entered. If the pad feels loose, thick, or sponge-like, it is probably fake.  

Check for Cracks: If you notice cracks near the receipt slot or other entry points of the machine there is a good chance it has been tampered with.  

Manipulated Audio Jack: Audio Jacks that are misaligned or sunken in have likely been manipulated by scammers.  

Please watch out for these signs that an ATM has been tampered with. Additionally, always keep a close eye on your bank account statements and maybe consider setting alerts if your account reaches a certain minimum balance or a maximum amount is withdrawn.  

Stay safe!

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