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Don’t “throw away your shot” to see Hamilton on Broadway or its newly announced national tour!

By Scam Awareness | February 4, 2016

The New York Times has reported that false tickets are showing up almost daily at the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York City, currently housing the acclaimed hip-hop musical Hamilton. Counterfeit tickets to big name events are nothing new, but the box office treasurer said "that in his 34 years there this was the first time he had seen 'any counterfeit tickets to a show'" (New York Times).

Many of the tickets are being sold to victims on Craigslist. Though the tickets appear real, the bar codes don't scan and some have incorrect dates. Even the show's creator and lead, Lin-Manuel Miranda, posted a warning on his Twitter account.  

Hamilton Tweet

To avoid being shut out of "the room where it happens" make sure to buy tickets on reputable sites or through the event's website. Secondly, avoid paying with cash or wire transfer. If something goes wrong, you may have recourse through your credit card company. For more information on how to avoid purchasing fraudulent tickets, check out our blog post Fake Tickets: Big Money.

Stay Safe!

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