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Election Day Tricks and Tips

By Scam Awareness | October 28, 2016

The election is only a few days away and scammers are working overtime to trick voters. Thankfully, AARP has compiled a list of the top voter scams and how to avoid them!

Be sure to stay away from these leading cons:  

  • Polling: Pollsters are not the only people calling this election season! Watch out for scammers who try to coax personal details, like income or medication information, from you. AARP warns voters to "be especially wary of offers of a prize for participation."

  • Fundraising: Many scammers will send emails and make calls trying to get voters to donate to a political party, candidate or issue. If you're planning on donating, contact the campaign directly or check their website.

  • Voter Registration: Do you still need to register to vote? Beware of scammers who ask you for personal information while registering to vote. Registering to vote is free and easy to do! Check with your local supervisor to find out where you can register.  

  • Voting: Be sure to avoid scammers promising to let you vote by phone. This is illegal. If you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day, check with you local supervisor to secure an absentee ballot or vote early.

  • Petitions: Are you passionate about a cause or an issue? Check to make sure the organization is legitimate before signing any petitions. Many scammers will try to trick voters into giving them their name, number or email address.  

Stay safe!

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