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FTC Imposter Scams

By Scam Awareness | February 3, 2017

We've seen them before and we'll see them again - imposter scams are on the rise! This time, we're noticing a rise in emails from scammers claiming they are from the FTC. If you receive a consumer complaint email from the FTC, watch out--it is a scam.

The email may tell you that you are under investigation by the FTC due to a complaint about your business. It will ask you to click a link for more information. Do not click this link, because the federal government will never inform people they are under investigation via email.  

Clicking the link will expose you to phishing scams that collect private information, putting your financial and identity security at risk.  

Here's what to do if you receive an email saying you're under investigation by the FTC:

  • Do not click any links in the email!
  • Forward the email to This is where the FTC collects spam emails.
  • Delete the email.  

Stay safe!

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