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Holiday Shopping Scams

By Scam Awareness | November 21, 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching quickly! It's the perfect time to get those holiday gifts, but if you're planning to stock up, keep an eye out for scammers that are waiting to take advantage of you.

When you're shopping online, the best way to avoid scams is to be aware of the sites you're browsing on. Try to buy directly from the merchant or verified sellers and make sure the website has SSL encryption. You can check this by looking at the address bar for a padlock icon or a website address starting with "https". Always use secure Wi-Fi networks and avoid using public Wi-Fi as hackers can access information you might send out, like your credit card number or banking info.

Other scams will take the form of advertisements, so think again before you click on that email with a deal that sounds too good to be true. Scammers will try to bait you with convincing fake ads promoting amazing deals, but in reality, they're trying to get your personal information. Double check the sender of these emails to verify the source and remember that most retailers will keep a list of their current deals on their website.   Shopping online during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can help you avoid the crowds and long wait times, but don't forget that scammers are always ready to steal your money and information.

Happy Shopping and Stay Safe!

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