June 2015 Red Flag Award Winner

By Scam Awareness | May 29, 2015 Red Flag Award Winner

The June 2015 Red Flag Award goes to... Betty Sexton, Colorado's "Voice of the Consumer"! As a veteran journalist, Betty is Colorado's go-to source for tips on how to avoid dangerous scams. Her weekly column, published in the Colorado Springs Gazette by their local television partner KKTV, has been a great resource for thousands of Colorado consumers since it began last August.

  • Name: Betty Sexton, Colorado's "Voice of the Consumer" 
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Fun fact: Betty has won many awards, including an Emmy and multiple Associated Press awards, for her investigative journalism.
  • Founded: Betty has been reporter for over 25 years.
  • Why Betty Sexton won: Betty uses her history as an investigative journalist to alert Colorado consumers about potential scams that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Check out Betty's most recent article here, and KKTV's Facebook and Twitter.

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Stay safe!

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