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National Caregivers Month

By Scam Awareness | November 14, 2018

Every day, caregivers provide their services around the clock but during November's National Caregivers Month, it is a time for all to recognize and celebrate the caregivers in their lives. Of course, caregivers still face many challenges, including scams - ones that can exploit them and our loved ones under the guise of fake caregivers.

As a caregiver, be on the lookout for fake jobs. Scammers may ask you to send a check or wire them money for anything from transport to special equipment costs. But instead of reimbursing you for these costs, they'll collect your money and cut off communication. Red flags might include too-good-to-be-true salaries and bad grammar in the job listing. Never send money to people you don't know and trust, especially if it's via cash or a wire transfer.

On the flip side, scammers can also pretend to be caregivers. These scammers may lure you to pay for fake expenses and even steal money or valuables from your home. Often, these scamming caregivers are unqualified or have had previous clients fall victim to their scams. You can avoid them by asking for references and contacting their past clients and employers. If you suspect you might be getting scammed, you can make unplanned visits to check in on your family member and their caregiver.   For more resources on caregivers and caregiving, visit the Caregiver Action Network and FTC websites.

Stay safe!

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