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Stay Safe Online

By Scam Awareness | October 12, 2018

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and this year's theme is shared responsibility. From the tech novice to the daily smartphone user, everyone plays a part in cybersecurity. Keep yourself safe and secure online with a few tips on how to protect your data:

Learn Common Scams: Familiarize yourself with the techniques used to retrieve data, like phishing emails and greeting card scams, so you can identify and avoid them. Phone and email scams remain the most common way to get user data, and arming yourself with knowledge of hacking trends will help increase your awareness of security threats.

Keep Your Tech Healthy: Keep your devices free of malware. Regularly scanning your devices for viruses and spyware will keep you and your data safe. Additionally, updating your software helps you avoid bugs and glitches and increases your devices' security.

Maintain Strong Digital Security: Create passwords that are hard to guess - avoid birthdays and system-provided default passwords. If available, always opt into strong authentication, especially for accounts that have sensitive information, like your email, medical files, or financial data.

For more information on cybersecurity, you can check out the STOP. THINK. CONNECT or BeCyberSmart campaigns.

Stay safe!

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