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November 2017 Red Flag Winner

By Scam Awareness | November 30, 2017

November's Red Flag Winner is... Scam Survivors! This group is dedicated to helping scam victims report their experiences to the proper authorities and providing support them recover.

Figuring out what's next after being scammed can daunting. Scam Survivors is easing the blow by showing people that it's possible to move forward. For the past 12 years, the team of volunteers across the U.S., Canada, and Europe has been working tirelessly to expose scammers and raise awareness of potential scams. They have dealt with over 20,000 cases, covering a range of scams from tax refunds scams to insurance, loan, and charity scams.

Scam Survivors is an excellent resource for victims of a scam and are not sure how to move forward.  

  • Name: Scam Survivor
  • For help reporting and recovering from scams, check out their website!

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Stay safe!

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