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Online Credit Card Scam

By Scam Awareness | April 14, 2017

While browsing the Internet, users can easily fall victim to scams in the form of fake posts, phishing emails and job scams, among others. But, like technology, fraudsters are adjusting their tactics, and their scams are becoming more and more advanced. There's a new scam circulating the Internet, but this one takes the form of your actual web browser.

That's right, scammers have developed a new malicious application that looks exactly like the Google Chrome web browser, but it's not. Rather, it's a deliberate attempt to steal your financial information. The malware appears on your desktop with the same icon as Chrome. When clicked, it directs you to a page that asks for your credit card information. With the same look and feel as Chrome's user-interface, many are unfortunately falling prey to this dangerous scam.

To avoid being tricked and ending up with fraudulent charges on your card, always be cautious when downloading applications from the Internet. Instead of using third-party sites, download new software directly from the original developers.

A good general tip is to always question when someone or something asks for your sensitive information. Don't be quick to give away your credit card number. Take extra precautions to ensure your safety and security!

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