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Pest Control Scam

By Scam Awareness | October 26, 2017

As the leaves begin to change, critters are heading indoors seeking warmer shelter. Even if you take preventative measures, there's another pest you might not be able to keep out of your home this fall. Watch out for pest control scams!

Scammers use various tactics to rip customers off, from requiring an online payment to book a fake pest control appointment to permanent contracts. In the latter scam, companies trick people into signing a yearlong service agreement, stating that it is the only way to guarantee a pest-free home.

Offers for free inspections sound well-intended, but that's not always the case. Usually, like other solicitation scams, fraudsters go door-to-door, either offering a no-obligation evaluation or claiming that to have "seen a pest problem around the neighborhood." Then, they sell their prospective victims on expensive services that actually aren't necessary.

One community found this out the hard way. A man posing as a roofer told people they needed repairs because they had a squirrel infestation, even carrying a dead squirrel as proof! In the end, he was reported to the police and charged for his actions.

To prevent falling victim to these types of scams, make sure to always ask to see a company's license. Always be wary of any solicitor that comes to your door, especially if they are offering services for free.

Stay safe!

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