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Recent Tax Scams

By Scam Awareness | January 27, 2017

Are you starting to prepare your taxes? To combat tax fraud this season, the IRS has compiled this list of the most recent tax scams to avoid:

  • Fake Tax Payments: This scam involves automated or live calls from IRS impersonators requesting payment. Beware of any callers threatening legal action or asking you to provide payment information of any kind.
  • Fake "Federal Student Tax": IRS scammers are now targeting students and recent graduates by demanding payment for a fake "Federal Student Tax." Be sure to report this scam to your local authorities.
  • Affordable Care Act IRS Bill: Be on the lookout for fraudulent versions of CP2000 notices. A CP2000 notice alerts taxpayers that there is an issue with their tax return. The fictitious emails and letters often request payment for an Affordable Care Act bill and instruct recipients to mail a check to the IRS.
  • "Verifying" Tax Return Information: In this scam, scam artists posing as IRS agents attempt to get taxpayers to "verify" details on their tax return. The scammer then tries to gather confidential information such as a credit card number or a Social Security number.
  • Impersonating A Tax Industry Professional: Watch out for imposter scammers pretending to be IRS agents or other tax professionals. Many scammers will also send phishing emails requesting information about filing status, tax refunds, or personal information such as credit card numbers and PIN information. The IRS typically sends a letter in the mail if they need to contact you.

You can read the full list of most recent IRS scams here. Remember, the IRS will never demand payment, immediately threaten arrest, or ask for payment over the phone.

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