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Safe Holiday Shopping Guide

By Scam Awareness | December 9, 2016

Peak holiday season is quickly approaching and shoppers are rushing to check off their holiday gift lists! While online shopping makes it easier than ever to make purchases at the convenience of your keyboard, there are also a few risks involved, especially during this busy shopping season. Here are a few tips to stay safe while shopping online and to avoid misleading offers:

  • Check Online Reviews: If you come across a website that you are not familiar with, make sure you read online reviews to spot any red flags. Scam websites may be presented to you in the form of pop-up windows or links in phishing emails.

  • Make Sure the Website is Secure: When you are entering payment information for a purchase, make sure the site URL begins with "https." This indicates that it is a secure website.

  • Be Wary of Fake Apps: Though many retailers do have their own shopping apps, phony apps target shoppers to gain access to their devices and personal information. Before downloading an app and providing any form of payment, make sure that the app is available for download on the retailer's official website. For more information, be sure to check out these helpful tips from USA Today.

  • Review Credit Card Statements: Make sure that you recognize all charges on your credit card statement. If you see a charge that you did not authorize, contact your bank immediately.

For a full guide to shopping safely online ahead of the holidays, head to Forbes. If you believe that your personal information has been compromised due to an online transaction, contact your local authorities.

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