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Safely Sell Your Car Online

By Scam Awareness | February 17, 2017

Selling your car online can be a quick and convenient way to make top dollar on your used vehicle but it can also attract scammers. Thankfully, USA Today has provided tips on how to stay safe while selling a car online.

  • Chat With The Buyer: Exchanging emails and text messages about online ads is normal but it is important to speak with any potential buyers over the phone. USA Today states, "Many scammers hide behind bogus email accounts that provide no information about their whereabouts. Ask buyers to give you their phone number and set up a time to chat; the swindlers will quickly disappear." Stay alert and listen to your gut. If something seems off, there's probably something wrong.
  • Watch Your Money: Be careful accepting money. Many scammers will try to use a check as payment for a larger item like a car. As soon as you ship the car, the check bounces. USA Today advises buyers to ask for cash or arrange to meet the buyer at a bank where a teller can handle the payment.
  • Take Your Time: Many sellers are often anxious to close a deal without taking the necessary precautions. Remember, serious buyers will probably have a lot of questions and will insist on having the car inspected. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Think Safety: USA Today recommends that sellers meet prospective buyers in a safe, public area with video surveillance. Don't be afraid to check the potential buyer's license before letting them test drive the car.
  • Beware of Stories: Finally, don't let your emotions take control. Scammers often try to pull at your heartstrings by posing as a person-in-need or a heroic veteran. Keep your cool and ask a lot of questions.  

Stay safe! 

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