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Scam Apps: What You Need to Know

By Scam Awareness | December 17, 2015

There is a new social media scam on the block, and this one is coming after your Instagram profile. Look out for these super-scammy apps, and share with your social media savvy friends and family members.

For some Instagram super-users, "likes" are everything. Beyond "likes," users are now being tempted with additional information from their followers. For instance, a popular iOS and Android app is claiming that it will show you who has viewed your Instagram profile. This information is, of course, not publicly available, and if an app is promising you something similar, it is very likely a scam.

One particular app promising this type of information was found to be uploading users passwords onto a third-party server. Unfortunately, the app was at the top of UK's free apps chart for 4 days in November and downloaded half a million times, which means that it has likely recorded the information of many, many Britons. The app also showed several downloads in the U.S., Canada and Germany.

A few tips: anyone who believes they have downloaded this app should delete it from their phones and change their likely-compromised Instagram password. And, if you are using the compromised Instagram password for anything else, you should probably change those passwords, as well. Although Apple individually examines each app it puts into the app store, many legitimate apps can become infected with malicious codes. As technology expands, so do the opportunities for scams!

To make sure you only download applications that are safe, make sure to check out Instagram's community guidelines and terms of use. If you believe your account has been compromised, visit this help page

Stay Safe! 

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