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Seasonal Winter Job Scams

By Scam Awareness | December 12, 2017

During the holidays, over 500,000 people start seasonal jobs. With the influx of hiring opportunities, scammers are out looking for ways to take advantage of individuals searching for work.

One of the common cons used is to have people supply personal information such as bank account or Social Security numbers on their applications. With this information, the scammers can go out and use people's identity for their own purposes. To get applications, scammers will sometimes pose as prominent employers and post jobs to solicit applications. If you find a job on a third-party website, always cross check it with the company's job postings. Also, the scammer might require applicants to make an advance payment to apply. By using these tactics, scammers can make applying for a seasonal job come at quite the cost.

One key flag - if a position pays big bucks for a simple job it is probably too good to be true. Scammers know people are always looking out for opportunities to maximize their time and payout so they create job listings that satisfy that goal.

Over the busy holiday season if you are picking up extra hours of work be cautious of who you send your application to!

Stay safe!

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