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Scary! Make sure you know about these common Facebook scams this year.

By Scam Awareness | October 29, 2015

Have you seen your friends posting statuses that they think prevents Facebook from using your posts, photos, and other information? That scam has been circulating since 2012, and is completely bogus. The post has no legal standing and Facebook still has the right to use information on your page. If you are concerned with Facebook's usage of your information, read the privacy policy you agreed to when you signed up.

Another similar scam states that giving a monthly fee to Facebook will prevent Facebook from using any of your information. Once again, the claim is not at all real.  Be aware that you are fully in control of what personal information and content is shared through your privacy settings, not Facebook.

Therefore, if you don't want Facebook (or any other company) using information displayed on your page, take some time to adjust all of your privacy settings and remain wary of what you post and display on your page.

Enjoy your scam-free Halloween with lots of candy, fun and pumpkin treats!

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