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Student Loans

By Scam Awareness | August 20, 2018

Congratulations on graduating from college! Unfortunately, it's now time to start thinking about paying back those student loans. This can be a scary task, but thankfully, there are both federal institutions and private student loan relief companies that can assist you. However, it can be easy to get scammed and there are many fraudulent private bodies that claim they can help with loan forgiveness.

The most important thing to remember when paying back your student loans is that you do not have to pay for help. There are free federal services such as which can assist in planning your repayment plan. This doesn't mean paying for help is always a scam, but if you do pay for someone's services, make sure they're with a reputable company. Also, you can always call your student loan servicing company for advice.

There are many ways to identify a student loan scam. You might recognize some of the usual red flags of an online scam like spelling and grammar mistakes, or saying that you must act now for this deal. If any company offers you loan forgiveness or cancellation, then it is a scam. Remember, no one can promise total loan forgiveness or cancellation, immediate or not.

If you're still worried about being scammed, you can always check the FTC's list of companies and people banned from debt relief. also has a list of trusted partners that work with the U.S. Department of Education.

Stay Safe!

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