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Summer Scam Scheme

By Scam Awareness | June 11, 2018

For students, a summertime job can be a very good use of their time. It is a chance to earn money, build their resume, and maybe do something fun. While looking for work, a student may run across a job that lets them work from home and still earn lots of money in a short period of time. However, it is possible that this could be a fake job scam.

A job scam is a fake opportunity that can trick you into handing a con man your money. These employment scams can swindle you in a number of ways. A common tactic is when you're given a paycheck with more money than was stated in your contract. The employer will ask you to wire them the extra amount of money in order to "return" the difference. However, you will find that the paycheck they gave you will bounce, which leaves them with the money you sent and you with nothing.

How can you protect yourself from these scams? The easiest way is to try to identify the fake advertisements. Most of these scam jobs will sound "too good to be true." Some may advertise short hours and easy work, on top of big pay. If you see jobs like these, it is good to do a bit of research on the employer before you sign up. Also, don't take jobs that ask you to pay fees before you are hired. You should not have to hand out any money during the interview or hiring process.

As school ends and summer begins, be careful when looking for a summer job. Remember that you should be the one getting paid, not the scammer.

Stay Safe!

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