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Top Tips to Avoid Fraud

By Scam Awareness | October 21, 2016

It seems like there's a scam for everything these days! From "robo calls" to fake caller IDs, scammers are becoming craftier. In order to get smart about the scams that are out there and prepare yourself for a potential encounter, refer to this FTC page of tips about how to avoid fraud. The more you know about a scam, the more likely you are to avoid it. Here are a few tips to start:

  • Do Your Research: If you are hesitant about making a purchase from a certain company or website, do a quick online search for the site name along with words such as "review," "complaint," or "scam" to see if other people have had bad experiences.

  • Report Robocalls: Did you know that recorded sales pitches are illegal? If you receive a call like this, make sure you hang up and report it to the FTC.

  • Be Wary of Caller ID: Scammers regularly manipulate their caller IDs to disguise themselves as legitimate sources, such as the IRS, business or government offices. If you receive a call from someone demanding money or personal information, hang up immediately, even if the caller ID suggests that they are a legitimate source.To verify a caller's legitimacy, call back a number that you know to be genuine.   

To read the full list of scam alerts, click here. We encourage you to share this advice with your family and friends! 

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