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Watch out for this Phone Scam Targeting College Students

By Scam Awareness | January 14, 2016

Phone scams tend to do a good job targeting the vulnerable, and in this case it's college students. Eastern Illinois University Police have warned students returning to campus for the spring semester that scammers are calling claiming to be law enforcement. Scammers are preying upon students' worst fears, such as delinquency of student loan payments or unpaid traffic tickets, to make them believe that if they don't pay up, they will be arrested. As in most scam situations, the caller requests payment through a wire transfer.

If you are unsure whether the caller is actually a law enforcement officer, feel free to ask for his or her name, badge number, what agency they are calling from and if they have a number you can call them back on. This often scares away scammers. If they are persistent or rude, simply hang up.  You can always call the local police department to report the call which is another way for you to figure out whether the call was legitimate.

The best thing to do to avoid being scammed is to stay vigilant by not providing anyone with personal information over the phone or wiring money to someone you do not actually know.

Stay Safe!

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