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Public utilities shutoff scam

By Scam Awareness | September 15, 2015

In Virginia Beach, the public utility company responsible with providing water and sewer services to the majority of the population has noticed an uptick in "public utility" scams. READ MORE

“Like-farming” on Facebook

By Scam Awareness | September 8, 2015

Have you ever heard of "like-farming"? This is a new type of scam that has taken over many users' Facebook feeds, that begins with spreading a potentially positive message and then uses all the "likes" to spread computer malware or gather users' personal information. READ MORE

Pope’s Visit Creates Opportunity for Scam

By Scam Awareness | September 4, 2015

As anticipation grows for Pope Francis's long-awaited visit to New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo asks that everyone be cautious of potential scams that come with any famous visit. READ MORE

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